55 Eur

Allstars provides the following services

Car window tinting 55 €
Advertising on the car from 50 €
Car full wrapping from 900 €
Interior wrapping from 50 €
Marking of mirrors 20 €
Car headlight polishing 30 €
Car body polishing from 90 €
Car windshield replacement from 90 €
Building windows pasting from 15 € per sq/m
Shop window pasting from 90 €
Cleaning and restoration of optics 60 €
Car repair from 20 €


Сourse Master of Tinting

Сourse Master of Tinting

Allstars offers the “Master of Tinting” course tutored in English or Russian.

The course is suitable for anyone who is willing to learn how to tint a car,
start up a business in this field or improve their skills.

Allstars has been offering tinting, wrapping, detailing and other car related services for 15 years.

We are the only one in Latvia who deal with a double glass system installation. Besides, Allstars is a major distributor of films for auto and window tinting in the European market.

Allstars specialists are invited for consulting by companies throughout Europe and beyond.

Having completed the course “Master of Tinting”, you will have the opportunity to launch your own business and start earning independently. Our specialists will help everyone who has followed the course and will give a hand at choosing proper equipment.
Also, for everyone who has finished the course, Allstars offers a particularly favorable price for tinting films.

Upon completion of training, a certificate of proficiency is issued.
The entire learning process is based on the knowledge acquired over 15 years of work.

Our works are available here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/allstarsia
Instagram: @auto_tonesana_www.4cars.lv

TRAINING PROGRAMS are valid from September
All courses contain both theory and practice, at the end of every stage each student becomes able of independently coping with the tasks.

The cost of training includes all the tools and materials used + coffee break.
Prices are inclusive of tax.

Duration of study: 16 academic hours / 2 days.
Group: up to 6 people.
Price: 500 EUR / person

Training program:

Theoretical course
Properties and features of the tint film (theory)
What is the difference between films by different manufacturers (theory)
How to calculate the film consumption correctly; the choice of the right tools
Theory of film installation
Installing film on glass (practice)

Practical course
Self-installation of film on car windows

If you are interested in courses, please contact us by e-mail allstars@inbox.lv or by phone +37129334648!


As an official distributor of SunGuard high quality film, Allstars offers dealers SunGuard film at dealer prices.

Tonešanās plēves Cena
Tonešanās plēve HP 505,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve HP 35
5,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve HP 205,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve HP 5 5,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve SMOKE 505,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve SMOKE 355,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve SMOKE 20
5,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve SMOKE 5 5,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve REF 355,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve REF 15
5,00 Eur par kv/m
Tonešanās plēve REF 5
5,00 Eur par kv/m


For more than 15 years, Allstars specialists:
Tinted over 50,000 machines
More than 30,000 lights polished
Dry cleaned more than 20,000 car showrooms
15000 mirrors were tagged, which saved their owners from damage.
Allstars is the official distributor of high quality SunGuard films in Latvia.
SunGuard American film warranty is 5 years.
All professionals undergo regular training and are highly qualified in their field.

As an official distributor of SunGuard high quality film, Allstars offers dealers SunGuard film at dealer prices.

Allstars project managers always find an individual approach and a unique solution just for you.

Our address: Riga, Brivibas gatve 202 (drive from Turaidas street).



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